Our Newly Launched Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is a payment card with a monetary value stored on the card itself, and not in an external account hosted as well as maintained by a financial institution. This simply implies that no network access is required by the payment collection terminals as funds can be deposited (also known as "loading money to the card"), and withdrawn straight from the card.

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card - Easy to issue, load and spend.

  • Reloadable Card for Domestic Use.
  • For Minimum KYC 10,000 Per Month.
  • Full KYC at any given point of times Maximum Rs 2 Lakh as per RBI guidelines.
  • Card Validity 3 Years.
  • Make E-Payments /E-Commerce.
  • OTP Authentication.

Why choose iMoney GPR Card?

GPR cards are reloadable, therefore, when the money on the card has depleted, you are at the liberty to replenish it as per your convenience.

You can use this card to make all sorts of purchases, for instance; utility bill payments, online shopping, ticket bookings etc.

iMoney keeps the security of your hard earned money as its utmost priority. If your card is stolen or you misplace it, you can keep the money in your iMoney card safe by simply "hot listing" it, alerting our IT and backend team to monitor and subsequently block any suspicious or unauthorised charges.

Using an iMoney card, you eliminate the need for you to carry massive amounts of cash around, hence mitigating theft and loss risks.

What is iMoney GPR card?

iMoney General Purpose Relodable Card (GPR Card) is a Rupee denominated magnetic strip prepaid card powered by Rupay. It can be used to shop at E-commerce websites, and is secured with an OTP authentication. It is a Reloadable Card, which, at any given time can accept a deposit of upto 2 Lakhs as per the guidelines laid down by Reserve Bank of India.

Charges apply on the card

  • Card Issuance Rs.199.00 Card
  • Card Replacement: Rs.199.00
  • ATM cash withdrawal : Rs. 25 per transaction.
  • ATM Balance enquiry : Rs. 10 per transaction.

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